We provide our services to public and private sector, ministries, towns, villages, associations, private companies in:

koláčový graf
  • national, regional and local strategies and conceptualization of tourism development
  • developing programs, master plans for tourism centers, recreational villages, facilities and companies in tourism, expert assistance at its implementation
  • success strategies of tourism products;
  • projects of sustainable development in tourism;
  • analysis of developing trends in tourism – demand and supply and their influence on separate forms of tourism, regions, and tourism companies;
  • technical and environmental studies of tourism development;
  • marketing analysis, marketing strategies, market analysis at the national, regional, local and company level;
  • marketing advisory services, marketing company planning for companies;
  • empirical marketing research at the national and regional level;
  • research and analysis of demand on tourism services;
  • market research, segmentation, competition analysis, customers behavior in tourism;
  • strategy and action plans for new products launch;
  • marketing and management of a tourism destination;
  • Evaluation of investment projects: feasibility study and pre-feasibility study, opportunity study;
  • Business plans for tourism facilities and enterprises;
  • Business in tourism – economic and financial analysis of companies;
  • Pricing on the basis of market analysis for hotels and tourism facilities;
  • Calculations of economic return of investments
  • Investment financing – forming of sources structure for investment projects;
mapa SR
  • Management and organization of project teams with specialized experts from various branches;
  • Project realization, engineering for particular types of projects;
pilotná grantová schéma
  • technical assistance for EU projects: programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  • advisory services at project preparation and opportunities to gain Structural Funds support and other financial instruments;
  • preparation of projects and grant applications for Structural Funds support and other EU assistance sources;
  • interregional and cross-border co-operation in tourism;
  • consultancy, advisory and training services in human resources development in tourism;
  • co-operation of public and private sector;
  • assistance in enhancement of co-operation in tourism, at a local and regional level, including institutionalization;